November 29, 2017, Grand County Sheriff’s Office Construction and Relocation of Office

The Grand County Sheriff’s Offices sustained damage due to a fire on November 6th, 2017, and the repair and reconstruction is beginning on Thursday November 30th. The construction will impact the entire building and several offices will have to be relocated for 2 to 3 months during this project.  We are trying to complete this project with as minimal impact and inconvenience on the community as possible, and the Sheriff’s Office will work to maintain all of its normal services with a few exceptions and changes in office locations.  The Main Office and records will be relocated to the basement of the County Administration building on the West end of the building. They will continue to provide all normal services for civil process, records, useful public service, VIN Verification and all other general business, and we will not be able to do public fingerprinting. The Main Office hours will be Monday through Thursday 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. in accordance with the public access hours of the County building. The office will still accept applications for Concealed Handgun Permits, but the process will be delayed due to limitations in fingerprinting. The front entryway of the Sheriff’s Office building will remain open with limited access to the Prescription Drug Deposit and phone communication with Dispatch and the Jail. The Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility will remain secured and access will be very limited.  Personal visitation will not be available during the construction period, but video visitation is still available by accessing  Anyone wishing to post bond for an arrestee will need to contact the Detentions Facility to make arrangements to complete the bonding process.  Public Breath Alcohol Testing will not be available at the Sheriff’s Office and anyone needing a test should contact the Dispatch Center to make arrangements to meet a Deputy or Officer.  All Administrative Offices of the Sheriff’s Offices will be moved to other locations, which will limit the availability of any public meetings in the building.  All phone numbers into the Sheriff’s Office will remain operational, and there will be no changes in Dispatch services. Several construction and storage units will be placed around the building and those areas will be fenced off. This will also significantly limit the parking areas surrounding the building.The Sheriff’s Office apologizes for any inconvenience during this construction period, however, certain logistical and safety restrictions had to be put in place to complete this project.  We have only been given a “2 to 3 month” time period to complete the project, and will provide updates on when we may return to normal operations.



                                             AS OF DECEMBER 26,2017

                  Opening Burning is now allowed in Grand County.  For  permit            information, call 970-887-0745 or visit



Always call Grand County Wildfire Council before you burn piles and NEVER leave flames unattended! Thank you and be safe!!


In an effort to optimize our staffing levels in the Support Services Division (Front Office) and continue to provide the best possible customer service, we have changed the hours of operation.

The new hours of operation are:

   Monday thru Thursday – 7:30am to 5:30pm

   Closed Fridays

Days and Times for Civil Fingerprints

8:00am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 5:00pm

Concealed Weapons Fingerprints

7:30am - 11:30am and 1:30pm - 5:00pm

Grand County was established in 1874 by the Territory of Colorado, thus becoming a county two years before Colorado became a state. It was named for the Grand River, the name by which the Colorado River was known at that time. The county was formed from a portion of Summit County but acquired its current boundaries in 1877, when part of the Grand County was used to create Routt County. The area of 1,854 square miles (larger than Rhode Island) consists of meadows, rivers, valleys, and mountains.

    The County Seat is Hot Sulphur Springs, which is also where the Grand County Sheriff’s Office is located. Hot Sulphur Springs was originally a summer campground for Native Americans who came for the hot springs. The Town itself was established in 1860 making it the oldest town in the county and originally named Saratoga West and sometimes called Warm Springs. In 1863 the name was changed to reflect the hot springs in the area that were used for medicinal purposes, and on September 8th1874 John Baker became the first elected sheriff of the county.
   The River in our patch depicts the headwaters of the (today’s) Colorado River which are located in Grand County, and the snow capped mountains represent the Continental Divide that runs through. 

For additional information or questions, you may email the Sheriff's Office.