Doing Business

  1. Bids and RFPs

    Browse open bids released by the county.

  2. Broadband Initiative

    Improving broadband capacity, reliability and reducing broadband costs.

  3. Building and Developing - in the County

    Contact information, links to information and forms.

  4. Economic Development

    Learn about economic development in Grand County.

  5. Grand Profile

    Starting in early 2014, a group that includes the Grand County Board of Commissioners, the county’s Economic Development Office, town managers from every town, area chambers of commerce, and other leaders started a data collection effort with the hopes of translating knowledge into power in our community. By combining publicly-accessible information like census data and tax records with on-the-ground knowledge of county residents and business owners, we hope to put together both the 30,000 foot view of our county’s economic drivers and individual community profiles. Each will help our area’s leaders make informed decisions about the future.

  6. Licenses and Permits

  7. Sales & Lodging Taxes

    Obtain sales and lodging tax information.

  8. Small Business Loan - Information

    Funding sources for small businesses in Grand County.

  9. Vendor Information