Ballots & Processing

Mail Ballots 

In 2013 Colorado became an all-mail ballot state due to the passage of House Bill 1303.  For any election, all active registered voters are sent a ballot in the mail to the mailing address on record in the state voter registration system.  

Ballots ready to mail

Ballot Casting

You may cast your ballot by mail, drop it off at the Grand County Administration Building's 24-hour Drop Box or at any other drop off location.  

If you plan to mail your ballot back to us, the United States Post Office recommends that you mail it early. During the 2018 Primary Election we saw delivery times of up to 12 days for a ballot to get from voter to the county.  

The ballot must be received in the Clerk and Recorder's Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted.  Postmarks do not count.

Be sure to sign the affidavit on your ballot envelope. If the affidavit is not sign, the ballot will not be counted.

Check if your Ballot has been Received

A voter can go to to see if we have received his or her ballot.

If we have not received a voter’s ballot, the voter can come to the County Administration Building and vote in person.  If a voter decides to do that and we get his or her ballot in the mail, we will void the ballot received in the mail.

If you prefer to cast your ballot in person, simply visit our Voter Service and Polling Center where your mail ballot will be voided so that you can vote in person.

How are Ballots processed?

Part One - Receipt of Ballots 
Part Two - Signature Verification
Part Three - Ballot Processing
Part Four - Ballot Review
Part Five - Ballot Replication
Part Six - Ballot Scanning
Part Seven - Ballot Tabulation

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