Drop Off Locations

Ballot Boxes are 24-hour Drop Boxes located at various places throughout the County. They are opened to receive ballots after ballots have been mailed out. Each Drop Box is under 24-hour surveillance to ensure election security. 

Hot Sulphur Springs

Grand County Administrative Building

There is 24-hour Ballot Drop Box at the Grand County Administration Building in Hot Sulphur Springs. 

Address: 308 Byers Avenue, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451

Grand County Admin Building Drop BoxGrand County Admin Building Close Up with Sign

Fraser Valley

Grand Park Community Recreation Center

A similar Ballot Drop Box is located in the Fraser Valley at the Grand Park Community Recreation Center.  

Address: 1 Main Street, Fraser, CO 80442

Grand Park w name

Grand Park close up


Granby Town Hall

A similar Ballot Drop Box has is located at the Granby Town Hall in Granby.

Address: Zero W. Jasper Avenue, Granby, CO 80446

Granby Town Hall w Drop BoxGranby Town Hall Drop Box up close

Grand Lake

Grand Lake Town Hall

A similar Ballot Drop Box has is located in Grand Lake at the Grand Lake Town Hall. 

Address: 102 Park Avenue, Grand Lake, CO 80447




CSU Extension Hall

There is also a Ballot Drop Box at the CSU Extension Hall in Kremmling. The CSU Extension Hall is located on the Fair Grounds. 

Address: 210 11th Street, Kemmling, CO 80459