Applying for a Building Permit 


Starting on September 1st, 2023, ALL Building Permit Applications must be submitted online. 

Before submitting your first application, please visit the tutorial link below.

Building Permit Tutorial

 Online Building Permit Application

If you need assistance, please e-mail Rachel at

When you submit your completed application, the Building Division staff will give you an approximate date when you can expect to hear from the County. The actual time it takes to receive approval is determined by the clarity and completeness of your application materials, as well as the number of other applications awaiting review. If your submitted documents are complete, accurate and meet all the code requirements, the possibility of your application requiring resubmittal or correction is reduced. 

Building Permit Application

  • Proof of Legal Water 
  • Proof of Legal Sanitation 
  • County Driveway Permit or CDOT Access Permit for road and driveway may be required.
  • HOA approval must be provided if there is an active HOA.
  • Proof of Fire Impact Fee: Call to determine which fire district your property is in.

Plan Submittal Packet -ONE (1) copy of the following that is complete, legible and identical

  • Cover Sheet- Project Name, Address, Designer, Design Criteria (See Structural Plans section below).
  • Plot/Site Plan
  • Building Plans (Architectural Sheets in the following order) Plans shall be to scale 1/4”=1'-0 minimum.
  • Structural Plans (Structural sheets in the following order) –Plans shall be to scale 1/4”=1’ minimum. Design criteria should include wind load & exposure, roof and deck dead loads & live (snow loads), floor live loads and dead loads, and assumed soil bearing capacities complying with soils reports when required.