Down Payment Assistance

Grand County Housing Authority (GCHA) now offers a down payment assistance program for Grand County residents using funds from various governmental and private entities. Low and moderate-income homebuyers may apply for down payment and closing costs as necessary to obtain homeownership. Down payment assistance funds are loaned to the homebuyer as a low-interest mortgage behind the first mortgage. 


  • This program is not limited to first-time homebuyers or low-income households.
  • Applicants must first pre-qualify for a first mortgage at a lending institution. The income used to pre-qualify for the first mortgage is also the income that will be used to qualify for the down payment assistance loan.
  • The applicant must have greater than $1,000 or 1% of the purchase price of the home of his/her own money to use toward the down payment.
  • The home must be the borrower’s primary residence for the duration of the loan; it may not be used as a rental property.
  • Applicants must work a minimum of 32 hours per week or 1,600 hours per year in Grand County as an employee or as a sole proprietor who is actively involved in his/her own business.
  • Applicants may not own real estate unless it will be used for building a home with funds being requested through a loan. 
  • Applicants must complete the Grand County homebuyers education workshop prior to the closing date.
  • The program has income limits. Contact us to see if you qualify.
  • Salaries and other sources of income (i.e. disability payments, Supplemental Security Income {SSI}, etc.) from all persons living in the home are used to compute the household income, as defined in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 24 CFR, Section 5.609, Annual Income.
  • The program has asset limits. Contact us for details.
  • GCHA, its board, and its funding partners reserve the right to review each case based on extenuating circumstances.

Partners & Supporters

We wish to acknowledge our funding partners and supporters:

  • Colorado Association of Realtors Housing Opportunity Foundation (CARHOF)
  • Colorado Division of Housing
  • Colorado Mountain Housing Coalition, Inc.
  • Fraser Valley Foundation, Inc.
  • Funding Partners for Housing Solutions
  • Town of Granby
  • Town of Grand Lake

 GCHA is an equal opportunity lender.