Project Plan Requirements

Scale & Requirements

  • Building elevations (minimum two, four preferred) preferred scale is 0.25-inch equals 1-foot
  • Detailed plumbing, electrical, and/or mechanical plans preferred scale is 0.25-inch equals 1-foot; exception: single-family residence
  • Floor Plan preferred scale is 0.24-inch equals 1-foot
  • Foundation plan preferred scale is 0.25-inch equals 1-foot
  • The plot plan must include all, if any, easements, utility, or otherwise
  • Recorded plot plans can be found in the office of the County Clerk & Recorder
  • Site plan preferred scale is 1-inch equals 20-foot
  • Typical building section(s) preferred scale is 0.375-inch equals 1-foot

Plan Preparation Hints

  • By county amendment, lofts are generally considered bedrooms whether there is a closet or not.
  • Other rooms designated as "dens", etc. will be considered a bedroom if there is a closet in it.
  • Septic systems are sized by the number of bedrooms, not bathrooms.