Septic Permit Information


To apply for a septic permit, provide the following:

  • Completed Septic Permit Application Form.
  • Septic Declaration of Covenants Form signed by all owners and the signatures notarized.
  • $13.00 recording fee ($5 for each additional page) - Payable by cash or checks. Checks should be made payable to "Grand County Clerk and Recorder".
  • Permit fee of $250; Payable by cash, checks or credit cards. Checks should be made payable to "Grand County Community Development".
  • All remaining items on the Septic Permit Checklist.

Additional information may be required by the Grand County Building Department.  


Issuance of a septic permit shall not be deemed a representation that the proposed system will meet the needs of the applicant or that it will operate effectively on the applicant’s land. Proposed system plans are reviewed for compliance with regulations currently in effect only. The designer of the system accepts sole responsibility for its failure to function properly.

Declaration of Covenants

The Declaration of Covenants simply means that you must maintain the system so that the effluent from the said system does not adversely affect the water quality in this county. The document also states that should a municipal disposal system (sewer line) ever be available – within 400 feet of the property line, you must hook up to the line and cease from using the individual sewage treatment system.

Tests & Surveys

As noted in the amendments to the codes, soils tests of property (suitable alternatives) are required for grades greater than 15%. Topographical maps at 2-foot intervals showing all grade cuts are also required. A certified survey or acceptable substitute (property or subdivision plat) showing property lines, easements, access, and internal road systems and unusual site characteristics are also required to be submitted. 

Lot pins must be readily identifiable for inspection prior to footing inspection. Failure to comply could be cause for inspection rejection.