Local Utilities

Natural Gas

  • Natural gas is available in most parts of the county from Xcel Energy.
  • LP gas is available from local suppliers within the county; check the local phone directory.


REA electricity is supplied to most parts of the county by Mountain Parks Electric Company, Granby, Colorado; call 970-887-3378 for rates and service, or regarding existing lines and where you can build on your property; new rules exist regarding construction drops.


Telephone service is available from CenturyLink. Contact the toll-free number 800-244-1111 for your home, or 800-603-6000 for your business.


Proof of sanitation will be required at the time you submit for a building permit. Proof consists of either an application for a septic system (including engineering design) or a letter from your sewer district stating that they will serve your needs for new construction. 

Currently, most sewer districts will review your plans and stamp them with their authorization, which is preferred. As of this writing, the following sewer districts exist: 

  • Granby Sanitation District
  • Kremmling Sanitation District
  • Silver Creek Water and Sanitation
  • Three Lakes Water and Sanitation
  • Tabernash Sanitation District
  • Winter Park West Water and Sanitation

Your property may not be located in a sanitation district, or the district may not be able to serve you. Verify this before you proceed with plans for a septic system.


Within most municipalities water service is provided; check with the town. In unincorporated Grand County, water service is not always available; check with the sanitation district serving your property. 

Well Permit

Click here for information about well testing and permitting.


Well Permit applications are available from the Building and Sanitation Services Office or the State of Colorado. A copy of an approved well permit or plans stamped by a water district must be submitted to the Building and Sanitation Services Office at the time you submit for a building permit.