We hope that our community has had a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. As we look towards returning to school and work, please be aware that we continue to see high levels of COVID-19 in our community. If anyone in a household is ill, EVERYONE SHOULD STAY HOME UNTIL YOU KNOW FOR SURE IF IT IS COVID-19 OR NOT.  Many people who are ill with it, have mild symptoms like a runny nose or stuffy nose or fatigue.  Please reach out to a health care provider to help you figure out what the illness might be. Lastly, if you have traveled out of the area and/or had gatherings with extended family or friends, PLEASE SELF QUARANTINE FOR 7 DAYS IN CASE YOU WERE EXPOSED. This will help prevent bringing or spreading more COVID-19 on our community.

Sincerely, All of us at Grand County Public Health