Assessor's Office

The Assessor's Office is responsible for identifying, classifying, and valuing all real and personal property in Grand County according to statutory provisions. The equitable assessment of property ensures a fair tax distribution relative to the value of similar properties.


Both the Grand County Assessor's Office and the Treasurer's Office participate in the eNotice online program. Simply go to to log into the eNotice website. This program allows a property owner to receive their tax and valuation notices via email instead of by regular mail. As an added benefit, the website will have a repository of all the notices sent this way for future access by the property owner. Each owner that signs up will have a separate and distinct account. This is a convenient way to receive notices and have easy access to those notices at any time, day or night.

Changing a Physical (situs) Address

The process to change a physical (situs) address for a property is to submit a written or email request to either the GIS or Assessor's Office, preferably from the owner of the property. Governmental or emergency service agencies may verbally request a change, in which case the property owner will be notified by mail at the mailing address we have on file.