Ballot Question 2020

As your elected officials we take seriously and pride ourselves on running a lean and efficient government. But we’re facing a significant budget shortfall and we need your input.  

We are working to get ahead of a $1.4 million annual reduction in collected property taxes starting in 2021, which would result in severe budget cuts for essential services that you rely upon. 

This anticipated reduction is the result of a clause in our state constitution known as the Gallagher Amendment. It has been hampering small and rural local governments like ours for many years and we’ve always worked hard to offset its impacts… [continue reading]


We know this is a complicated issue, so we’ve developed a few resources to help you better understand the challenge we’re facing and the options we’re proposing.

Ballot Question Certified

On August 25, 2020, the BOCC approved a resolution referring to the registered electors of Grand County at the November 3, 2020, general election a ballot issue to stabilize property tax revenues by authorizing the county, without increasing total tax revenues collected, to adjust its mill levy annually to offset revenue reductions caused by state-imposed changes to the percentage used to determine assessed value, and; certifying the ballot title/question for the election.

Read Resolution No. 2020-8-10