Learning by Doing


Grand County Learning By Doing is revising the 13-year-old Stream Management Plan (SMP) and we'd like your input! Please email grandcountysmpupdate@gmail.com for general information or to be added to the email distribution list to be involved in the stakeholder process.

Stakeholder meeting notes and presentations can be found here.

The Grand County Learning By Doing Cooperative Effort (LBD) is a unique partnership between East and West Slope water stakeholders in Colorado.

LBD emerged from Inter-Governmental Agreements (IGAs) resulting from two water diversion projects, both impacting rivers in Grand County: Denver Water’s Moffat Project and the Northern Water Subdistrict’s Windy Gap Firming Project.  Both IGAs establish a long-term partnership of cooperation, not conflict, among the groups.  With a shared vision of river health, LBD cooperatively responds to setbacks in Grand County’s aquatic environment. While already underway, LBD will become fully implemented—with added resources of funding, enhancement water and operational flexibility—following the construction of the Moffat Collection System Project and Windy Gap Firming Project.

A Management Committee oversees the LBD activities, with one voting member from each of these organizations:

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Colorado River District
  • Denver Water
  • Grand County
  • Middle Park Water Conservancy District
  • Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
  • Trout Unlimited

A Technical Committee, made up of representatives from the Management organizations, as well as government agencies, regional water utilities and other partners, advises on LBD efforts and activities. 

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