Consumer Protection

Retail Food

Our retail food program oversees restaurant licensing, the plan review process, education/training, inspections, and complaints. If you are interested in opening a new restaurant, remodeling an existing restaurant, or transferring ownership of a current restaurant, you can find all necessary forms below. 

New Restaurant, Remodeling, and New Ownership

Grand County Plan Review Application

2022 Retail Food License Application

New Food Truck/Push Cart, Remodeling, and New Ownership

Grand County Mobile Plan Review Application

Grand County Commissary Agreement

2022 Retail Food License Application

A plan review application should be submitted for the proposed retail food facility. Please e-mail to or mail to PO Box 264 Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451. The plan review application fee is $100 + $50 review fee, for a total of $150. Please submit check made out to Grand County Public Health or call 970-725-3288 and press option for "Consumer Protection Billing".  The department will respond to your plans within 14 business days of receipt. Submittal of incomplete/incorrect plans or non-payment of the application fee may delay final approval. We will issue your approval to operate. You can begin construction or operation when you receive your plan approval letter.


Required manager level food safety training can be found at StateFoodSafety. Further food safety resources such as food code regulations, food handling signs, and guidance documents can be found at CDPHE Retail Food Resources.

Temporary Food at Special Events

Grand County is developing plans to hold a temporary food vendor permitting program for special events for 2022, more information will be released when available. 

Cottage Foods

Cottage foods are limited types of homemade food products that can be sold directly to informed consumers without licensing or inspections. These food items can include honey, jams, muffins, cookies, and other items. For more information on what food items can be sold as cottage foods and the specific requirements for selling cottage foods in Colorado please see the Cottage Foods Act.

Manufactured/Wholesale Foods

To manufacture or sell wholesale food items to another retail food facility refer to CDPHE Food Manufacturing.

Child Care Centers

Grand County licensed child care centers are inspected on a frequent basis for more resources and regulations refer to CDPHE Child Care.


Grand County schools are inspected on a frequent basis to enforce health and safety standards. Inspection frequency is based off of risk factors such as presence of science labs. For more information and regulations refer to CDPHE Schools.