Useful Public Service

The Grand County Useful Public Service Program (UPS) assigns and monitors sentenced offenders to complete public service work pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes, local court policies, and state and national practices. Per statute, Useful Public Service Program (UPS) programs must maintain self-sufficiency through client paid fees and other program charges, while providing a wide range of services to the community. To that end, the program seeks out appropriate work sites to place clients and provides information and support to these sites.

The program administration and staff are committed to maintaining a professional and supportive atmosphere, while administering consistent and fair treatment of clients.

Additional Information:

To turn in UPS hours and worksheets or request your UPS packet please Email: 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my UPS Fee?

Call 970-725-3343 ext. 2 to contact the Front Office Staff. Please also fill out the attached google form

What will happen if I don't complete my hours on time?

Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) will notify the courts.  The judge in your case will usually initiate a warrant for your arrest (or grant an extension if you have requested one).  If you are on Probation, you could face a violation if you do not complete this stipulation of your sentence.

Where can I do my Community Service?

We have over 100 possible sites in the Grand County area, the only requirement is that it needs to be for a non-profit agency and or a 501C3.  You may not work at sites where potential conflicts of interests may arise, such as job sites with friends or family members.