Recording Office

Recording Documents
The Recording Office processes documents, which establish legal rights to property by providing public notice through the recording process. A variety of other documents are recorded such as the trade names, marriage records, and Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) files. Bradford Publishing is a useful resource for all forms needed to file any of the aforementioned items. We stop accepting documents to record at 5 p.m. daily. 

Common reasons for documents to be rejected are:

Grantee's address must be on the face of all deeds
Insufficient funds (see fees)
Purchase price not on the face of the deed
We must have a 1 inch margin across the top of each page
Recording Fees
All documents such as warranty deeds, deeds of trust, quit claim deeds, liens, subdivision plats, etc. are recorded to give public notice. The recording fees are $11 for the first page of legal size or less, $5 for each additional page, and $10 per page for pages larger than legal size.

Documentary Fees
All transfers of property are subject to a State Documentary Fee (CRS 39-13-102). When the total consideration paid by the purchaser exceeds $500, a documentary fee shall be payable at the rate of one cent for each $100, or major fraction thereof, of the total consideration (for example, $275,000 = $27.50 doc fee). Some documents may be exempt from the State Documentary Fee (CRS 39-13-104).

Uniform Commercial Code Fees
Effective January 1, 2000, Colorado has a Central Filing Office for Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statements. UCRs are still filed at the county level and the cost is $11 for one to two pages and $16 for three to four pages.

Land Survey Plat Fees
Land Survey Plats are deposited through the Clerk and Recorder's Office. The cost is $20 per page. After deposit, original Land Survey Plats are turned over to the County Surveyor's Office.

Public Record Search
Locating recorded information by grantor, grantee, reception number, and recording date can be done on the Official Records Public SearchThere is no charge to search records, but recording personnel cannot search for you. 

Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act of 1978
Foreign Investors Who Hold Agriculture Land Brochure
Letter Regarding the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act of 1978
FSA-153 Form

Copy Requests
If you locate a particular document and would like a copy of it, please send an email to or visit our office to purchase a copy or certified copy. Copy requests are processed in the order we receive them.  If you plan to pay with a credit card, please let us know that in your email and give us your contact information.  We will contact you for credit card information when your request is being processed.  

Escrow Accounts
If you are interested in having access to view unofficial copies of documents, please complete the Escrow Agreement form below and mail it along with $50 to our office.
Escrow Agreement

FTP Accounts

If you are interested in having access to the FTP site to be able to access all documents, please fill out the agreement below.  The monthly subscription cost is $305 per month. 
FTP Access Account Agreement

If you are experiencing difficulty logging in using the FTP site, the document below may be of assistance.  
FTP Troubleshooting

Plat Index
Plats are recorded bythe Clerk and Recorder.  Copies of plats are $5 per page.  Our plat index is updated periodically.