Retail Food Inspection Reports

Many factors enter into your choice of where to eat: atmosphere, price, type of food and its flavor, as well as service. One factor that is difficult for the public to assess is the attention paid to food safety in the preparation of the meal. Food safety is particularly important if you are in poor health or on immune-suppressing medications. Our mission is to protect the health of all food service customers. On any given day, any retail food establishment could have a failure in food safety practices that could lead to foodborne illness, no matter what kind of inspection results or ratings it may have received.

Inspection Reports are only a snapshot of the day and time of the inspection. Consumers should be aware of food safety issues described on this site in order to further assist in making dining decisions. Reviewing an inspection report only, without some background knowledge of the violations and their associated risk, may not provide enough relevant information to inform your decision. We ask you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the inspection process and violation types before proceeding to the inspection reports.

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