Grand PLACES 2050


Grand PLACES 2050 strives to become a model coalition that sustainably manages our natural and cultural resources in balance with quality outdoor recreation experiences.

Grand PLACES 2050 is a coalition of local government entities, nonprofit groups, state and federal land managers, and businesses. We focus on Grand County’s PLACES - people, land, access, conservation, ecosystems, and sustainability. Grand PLACES 2050 collaborates to protect and conserve natural and cultural resources while providing equitable access and a quality outdoor recreation experience for current and future generations.


Grand PLACES 2050 (“coalition”) is composed of 13 core members (“members”) and additional community partners (“partners”). The structure of Grand PLACES 2050 is as follows: 

Members: Composed of 13 representatives from entities who are signatories to the Grand PLACES 2050 Memorandum of Understanding. Members follow the participation guidelines below, vote, and support all activities of Grand PLACES 2050.

PartnersPartners provide essential perspectives, expertise, and resources, participate in relevant Grand PLACES 2050 meetings and activities, and occasionally join ad hoc committees. Partners do not participate in decision-making. Partners include stakeholders from interests such as agriculture, landowners, philanthropy, tourism, land trusts, and many more.      

Grand PLACES Structure graphic


Grand PLACES 2050 is composed of the following members who are signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding for Grand PLACES 2050:

Members must formally commit to upholding the spirit of the coalition and the operating guidelines. 

Financial Management & Funding

Grand PLACES 2050 is not an independent entity and utilizes the Town of Winter Park as its fiscal agent. The Steering Committee, which includes the Town of Winter Park, will be responsible for Grand PLACES 2050 operations, including financial management and facilitation. 

Grand PLACES 2050 is funded through member contributions and outside funding sources when available. Members may make cash or in-kind contributions to Grand PLACES operations, programs, or projects. Steering Committee and facilitator will strive to lead this discussion at the appropriate times based on budgeting and funding cycles.

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