Open Lands, Rivers and Trails 2023 Ballot Measure

On August 22, 2023, the Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC ) approved Resolution No. 2023-08-08 for the extension of and expanded uses of the 0.3% countywide sales tax for the operation of the Open Lands, Rivers and Trails Fund

A few important facts about Measure 1A, which will be on the 2023 ballot in Grand County:

  •  In 2016 Grand County voters approved the 0.3% sales tax levy to be collected solely for the OLRT Fund. This November, voters will be asked whether or not to continue this sales tax levy collection and expand the uses.
  • The current purpose of the OLRT Fund is to:
    • Keep water in the Colorado River and other rivers for agriculture, ranching and outdoor recreation;
    • Protect, conserve, and acquire agricultural lands, natural areas, scenic open lands, wildlife habitat, wetlands, and river access;
    • Maintain hiking and biking trails.
  • The current sales tax levy is due to sunset on December 31, 2026. This ballot measure extends the collection of 0.3% sales tax until repealed by voters for the original OLRT Fund uses, and expands the permitted uses of the Fund to include:
    • Operational costs to non-profit funded purposes;
    • Wildfire mitigation and prevention;
    • Water quality and river restoration projects;
    • Maintaining and creating hiking, biking and multi-use trails.
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