Change of Address

Click here to complete an online form to change your mailing address on file with Grand County's Assessor and Treasurer. This form does NOT allow changes to the property owner name on the account. Such changes can only be made by submitting a property deed. 

Protest Forms

These forms will be made available May 1, 2023.

If you choose to protest your valuation or classification, complete the appeal form and return it to the Assessor’s Office. To preserve your right to protest, your appeal must be postmarked, emailed, or delivered in person on or before June 8 for Real Property or June 30 for Personal Property.  

The assessor must make a decision on your protest and mail a Notice of Determination to you by the last working day in June for Real Property or July 10 for Personal Property.  If you disagree with the assessor’s determination, or if you do not receive a Notice of Determination from the assessor, you must file a written appeal with the County Board of Equalization on or before July 15 for Real Property or July 20 for Personal Property. (39-8-106(1)(a),C.R.S.) 

Current Year Real Property Protest Form: Paper | Online (Valid May 1 through June 8)

2023 Real Property Protest Form Instructions

Current Year Personal Property Protest Form (Valid June 15 through June 30)

Personal Property Questionnaire

Personal Property Declarations

Property Tax Exemption

Other Forms