Boards & Committees

Airport Advisory Board - 970-887-9225
Appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), this volunteer board advises the BOCC on airport matters by representing the aviation community.

Alpine Area Agency on Aging - 970-725-3347 ext 100
Coordinate the public and private programs, services and efforts on behalf of the senior citizens in the area to insure that an effective, comprehensive umbrella of services is at the disposal of any senior citizen in need of services within the 5 county region.

Board of Adjustment - 970-725-3062
The Board of Adjustment is to hear and decide appeals taken by any person aggrieved by his inability to obtain a building permit or by the decision of any administrative officer or agency based upon or made in the course of the administration or enforcement of the provisions of these regulations.

Building Board of Review
- 970-725-3068
This board shall have jurisdiction to decide any appeal from the building official if the decision of the building official concerns suitable for alternative materials, methods of constriction, or a reasonable interpretation of the code.  The board shall not hear appeals with regard to life-safety items.

Child Fatality Local Review Committee
- 970-725-3288 (will sit in 2015)
This committee will review child fatalities in Grand County that occur from birth through seventeen years of age and provide the state with findings to develop a community approach to the issues surrounding child fatalities.

Citizen's Review Panel
- 970-725-3331 ext 109
Providing a forum for grievances concerning conduct of personnel of the Grand County Department of Social Services in performing their duties.

Club 20
- 970-242-3264
The group is organized for the purpose of speaking with a single unified voice on issues of mutual concern for Colorado's 22 western counties.

Colorado Headwater's Land Trust - 970-887-1177
The Colorado Headwaters Land Trust is dedicated to helping landowners preserve Grand County's scenery, agriculture, water, wildlife and biodiversity for today and the future.

Cooperative Extension Advisory Board - 970-724-3436
Individuals selected for CSU Extension advisory committees are those individuals outside the Extension profession who collectively advise Extension staff regarding educational programs. They help keep local county needs a priority for extension programming.

Designated Emergency Response Authority (DERA)
- 970-725-3343
DERA is a worldwide, member-managed nonprofit disaster service and professional association.

Grand County Emergency Telephone Authority - 970-725-3311
The Grand County Emergency Telephone Authority is a Board appointed by the Grand County Board of County Commissioners for the sole purpose of insuring the public has a resilient and progressive 911 access system in an emergency.  

Grand County Historic Preservation Board -
To protect and preserve the historic and cultural heritage of Grand County by providing for the designation of historic buildings, landmarks, sites and districts.

Grand County Weed Board - 970-887-0745
This board is a state mandated and Board of County Commissioner appointed board comprised of private property owners of 60 acres or greater to suggest direction and policy for the Grand County Noxious Weed Program.

Juvenile Services Planning Board
- 970-725-3055
They are the oversight board that ensures that the 14th Judicial District’s Senate Bill 94 (pre-adjudication release services) plan is administered as written and approved by the Division of Youth Corrections.

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
  - 970-887-2732 ext 122
The LEPC is a countywide effort tasked to identify locations of hazardous materials and create emergency response plans.

Middle Park Fair & Rodeo -
4-H Fair and Rodeo

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments Broadband Planning Team - 970-468-0295 ext 123
Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) will be embarking on a project to develop a Regional Strategic Plan for Broadband.

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments Economic Development
- 970-468-0295 ext 106
The NWCCOG - Economic Development District was officially designated to pursue programs and activities which promote innovation and competitiveness, preparing our region for growth and success in the worldwide economy. 

Northwest Colorado Options for Long Term Care
- 970-725-3331 ext 109
The Advisory/Board of Directors for Northwest Colorado Options for Long Term Care provides input and guidance for the Single Entry Point (SEP) operations including resource development.

Northwest Workforce Investment Board - 970-725-3347 ext 100
The Northwest Workforce Investment Board is business-led with a majority of its members representing the private sector and other board members representing organized labor and community-based organizations, education, economic development organizations and state agencies and individuals with disabilities.

Planning Commission
- 970-725-3062
The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing staff recommendations regarding land use proposals within the unincorporated portions of Grand County and issuing a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. 

Professional Advisory Committee - 970-725-3347 ext 100
To advise Grand County Home Health on professional issues and to participate in the annual evaluation of the agency’s programs.

Selective Service System
- 970-725-3347 ext 100
The Selective Service will be an active partner in the national prepardness community that anticipates and responds to the change in needs of the Nation.