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About Grand County EMS

When you call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency in Grand County – whether you're at home in town, or in the backcountry – we answer the call and respond with trained professionals.

Grand County EMS began as a volunteer crew more than 50 years ago, and today we have 41 paid, full-time staff members on rotating shifts around the clock. We currently have 8 primary ambulances, 3 reserve ambulances, and four EMS stations located in Fraser, Granby, Grand Lake and Kremmling.

Staff & Equipment 

To keep medical training costs down, EMS will be hiring additional staff members over the next several years, and also working to retain our current staff. This will allow us to continue responding quickly and efficiently to emergencies throughout the County – which is geographically the size of Rhode Island.

One of our station buildings is from the World War II era, and another was built in 1953. Both are becoming unsafe for our staff to live and work in, and need re-built.

In addition to the stations, to continue meeting the County's growing medical emergency needs, we will be adding an ambulance to the fleet. Over the next three-to-five years, we'll also be replacing three of our older ambulances to continue keeping response times low while being cost effective and ensuring the safety of our patients and staff.

Please learn the details of our current budget as well as our 7-year Budget Plan.

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