Service Fees

Rates as of January 2022



BLS Base Rate
ALS Base Rate
ALS 2 Base Rate
Specialty Care Transport
Treat, No Transport ALS/BLS
Additional EMT
Additional Paramedic
Mileage (Loaded Miles)
Mileage (Two Patients)
Mileage (Three Patients)
County Resident Discount
Standby Services Dedicated Local
$100.00/hr $50.00/30min
Standby Services Dedicated Not Local
$110.00/hr $55.00/30min
Single Resource EMT
Single Resource Paramedic
Rendezvous with Medical Aircraft
Blood Draw for Law Enforcement
Back Country/MMRT
County Resident Discount
Waiting Time
$50.00/hr $25.00/30min
Extra Medicare Miles for ABN