Serving Process

Attempted service of documents to be served are based upon the information you provide. To help in the service process, please provide as much information as possible so that the individual being served can be easily found, such as:
  • The complete physical address - A post office box is not adequate
  • Phone numbers - Home, work, cell
  • Vehicle information - Description, license plate number
  • Height, weight, and date of birth
  • If the service can be done at the place of employment, please provide that information
Timeline of Service
Received documents are processed and sent out for service as quickly as workload and staff resources allow, with service generally made within two weeks of receipt. All documents received are treated with due diligence. There are no provisions for ‘expedited service,’ except protection orders will be given priority and served within 24 hours.

Return of Service

The return of service will be attached to your statement. It is your responsibility to see that the return of service document is filed with the appropriate court. Please provide an address that the return of service can be mailed to when service is completed.

Civil Process Information Sheet
If you have civil paperwork to be served, please bring the completed Civil Process Information Sheet with you.

Evictions & Writs of Restitution

For a basic informational guide concerning tenant evictions and the role and requirements of the Sheriff’s Office, read through the following: