Fingerprinting Services

New Fingerprinting Process 

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has implemented a Statewide Digital Fingerprinting Process known as CABS (Colorado Applicant Background Services) in response to Senate Bill 17-189. The CBI recently awarded two contracts allowing third-party vendors to print and submit non-criminal applicant fingerprints for the State. These vendor services will be located throughout the State, increasing applicants’ ability to obtain fingerprints in a timely manner. These services will also reduce the burden on Law Enforcement agencies as the vendors will electronically transmit the civil fingerprints. The processing time and rejections will decrease tremendously.

Those who need fingerprinting services should contact IdentoGO, the vendor selected by the State of Colorado to provide fingerprinting services. 

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide fingerprinting for purposes related to our duties to include the following.

  • Concealed Handgun Permits
  • AFT Licensing and Permitting (Firearm Suppressors, ect)
  • Explosive Permits
  • Federal Background Checks that do not get sent to CBI, such as Postal Service Employment or security clearances
  • Interstate Compact Supervision/Treatment
  • Out of State Business Only
  • Probation or Parole Registration
  • Sex Offender Registration 
  • Arrest Bookings
  • Criminal Justice Employee/Applicant for the agency or for another agency (e.g. Courts)