Foster Care

The Grand County Department of Social Services is looking for really special people to be foster and adoptive parents.  You could be one of them!  You don't have to be a perfect parent to become a foster and/or adoptive parent for Colorado's children. You can change a life forever.

Prospective foster families:
  • Are patient, committed, and caring
  • Are teachers, mentors, and learners
  • Love a challenge and have a sense of humor
  • Are flexible
  • Ask for help and support when it’s needed
  • Enjoy seeing children grow, and thrive, and achieve
  • Communicate well
  • Provide consistency and structure

Foster parent applicants must be at least 21 years old. Applicants can be single, married, divorced, or widowed. Applicants can own or rent a home, but should have adequate financial resources to maintain that home. Applicants must be able to provide for a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development.

Contact the foster care coordinator in Grand County to set up an appointment. The coordinator will help you learn more and guide you through the process when you are ready.  There are several straight forward steps to becoming a foster parent:
  • Contact the Grand County Department of Social Services foster care coordinator
  • Complete and submit an application and all required documents
  • Attend the state-mandated foster parent training class
  • Participate in a comprehensive foster family assessment, performed by the Grand County foster care coordinator

More Information
To learn more about becoming a foster parent, please visit the Change a Life Forever website or contact Nichole Fuqua at 970-725-3331, ext. 107.