Trash and Recycling

The Grand County landfills are closed permanently.

Local trash and recycling options and their contact information is below:

Ace Hardware in Granby and Fraser recycles thermostats, compact fluorescent bulbs and rechargeable batteries, in addition to providing the space for GRRC’s recycling day in their Granby location parking lot.

Curbside Recyling
Curbside Recycling picks up unsorted recyclables at your home or business every other week for a small monthly fee.

Kopy Kat Office recycles ink cartridges, packing peanuts and bubble wrap at their Granby and Winter Park locations.

Radio Shack in Fraser offers free recycling of rechargeable batteries, cell phone batteries, cell phones and ink cartridges. 

Fraser Pay-As-You Throw Trash & Recycling Center
The Fraser Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) program reduces quantities of trash going to the landfill with a financial incentive to the consumer. The less trash you throw away and the more you recycle – the more money you save!

Rocky Mountain Re-source and Wyatt's Recycling
A “thrift store” for almost any kind of construction materials. Instead of paying to put it in a landfill ($50 per truckload), RMRRC will pick up and resell items that may be outdated but still work. They also take electronics and computers.  Located at 55 1st St, Granby.

The Trash Company

The Trash Company offers their customers trash collection service, Pay-As-You-Throw pre-paid trash disposal bags and $5 recycle drop off at 723 County Road 612. 

Waste Disposal Grand Lake

Waste Management

1-877-406-0672 or 970-725-3350
Waste Management customers can find a free drop-off for their recyclable items in Hot Sulphur Springs at 321 East Byers Avenue. 

Waste Disposal inside Kremmling town limits:
Contact Town hall at 970-724-3249

Medical Waste Pros: Medical Waste and Pill Bottle Recycling