Driveway Permits

Before You Begin
Please refer to the Grand County Road and Bridge Driveway Design Standards before you build your driveway and place your culvert.

Driveway Permit Requirements
You must submit and receive a Driveway / Access Permit Application prior to submitting a building application.

The following information is required when applying for a permit:
  • Owner / applicant name, mailing address, and phone number
  • Legal description of the property
  • Site / plot plan or drawing
  • $125.00 fee payment (cash or check)
  • Driveway marked with stakes
  • Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) ticket number (Ph: 800-922-1987 or 8-1-1) 
After the Road and Bridge Department receives the application for a driveway / access permit, we will schedule a site visit to check for need / size of a culvert, grade of driveway or variance, and condition of the ditch. The signed-off application you will receive must be included with your building application.

Note: A Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued without an approved driveway. An engineered driveway is required for a design variance condition.

Driveway Design Criteria
  • Driveways must be located at least five feet from the adjacent property line.
  • Driveways must be 5% grade or less for the first 50 feet from an intersection with a county road.
  • Circular driveways must have a minimum of 250-feet separation.
  • A minimum driveway width of 14 feet is required.
  • Driveways shall be surfaced with a minimum  inches of Class 6 base material.
  • Snow storage for driveways shall be provided on-site.
  • Vehicle tracking controls shall be required wherever construction traffic will enter onto an improved road from construction site. 
  • Accumulated sediment shall be removed from the road at the end of each workday.
Culvert Design Criteria
  • The minimum drainage culvert size is 15 inches in diameter unless otherwise designated during a site visit.
  • Minimum cover shall be 12 inches.
  • Acceptable drainage culvert pipe material includes 16-gauge corrugated metal pipe (CMP) or high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE).
  • Culverts shall be installed prior to on-site construction.
  • Rocks or stakes shall not be placed around or on culverts.
When a Permit Is Not Required
 A Driveway Permit is not required from Road and Bridge if any of the following applies:
  • Driveway located within town limits
  • Driveway accesses off a state highway
  • Driveway accesses a private road
Note: The Colorado Department of Transportation must have an access permit for driveways that accesses a state highway. For more information, visit their website or call 970-248-7230.