Cooperative Agreement & Attachments

Stay up to date with the cooperative agreement attachments.

Cooperative Agreement Attachments

  2. Attachment A Denver Water Rights
  3. Attachment B Service area 2012
  4. Attachment C Fixed amount contracts
  5. Attachment D West slope charge agreement and WISE Project Agreement
  6. Attachment E Water rights
  7. Attachment F Denver Waters Conservation plan
  8. Attachment G Summit County Projects
  9. Attachment H Silverthorne-Dillon Reservoir Storage
  10. Attachment I Interim Agreement Clinton Ditch
  11. Attachment J Dead pool storage
  12. Attachment K Clinton decree
  13. Attachment L Water Projects in Grand County
  14. Attachment M Granby Sanitation Dist
  15. Attachment M Grand County Mutual Ditch
  16. Attachment M Grand County Water and Sanitation District
  17. Attachment M Snake River Water District
  18. Attachment M Summit County and Dillon Valley District
  19. Attachment M Summit County and Dundee Resort Development, LLC
  20. Attachment M Summit County and Powdr-Copper Mountain, LLC (2)
  21. Attachment M Summit County and Town of Dillion
  22. Attachment M Summit County and Town of Silverthorne (ADD Agency)
  23. Attachment M Summit County Commissioners
  24. Attachment M Summit County, Buffalo Mountian Metro Dist, East Dillon Wtr Dist, Hamilton Creek Met
  25. Attachment M Summit County, Copper Mountain Consolidated Metro Dist
  26. Attachment M Summit County, Town of Frisco and Frisco Sanitation
  27. Attachment M Tabernash Meadows Water and Sanitation District
  28. Attachment M Town of Breckenridge
  29. Attachment M Town of Fraser
  30. Attachment M Town of Frisco and Frisco Sanitation District
  31. Attachment M Town of Granby
  32. Attachment M Winter Park Ranch Water and Sanitation District
  33. Attachment M Winter Park Recreation Association
  34. Attachment M Winter Park Water and Sanitation District
  35. Attachment M Winter Park Recreation Association
  36. Attachment N Case No. 2006CW255 RE_ Denver Water and Summit County
  37. Attachment N-1 Dillon Reservoir Refill Right
  38. Attachment O Granting Denver Water Board _1041_ Straight Creek permit
  39. Attachment P Moffat Project list of Federal and State permits and approvals
  40. Attachment Q Case No. 2007CW029,030,031-Darling Creek,Carr Ditch finding absolute diligence
  41. Attachment R Administration of Green Mountain Reservoir for 2012
  42. Attachment S Concerning reduction of Shoshone Call
  43. Attachment T Conditional rights except Denver Water and River Dist