Commissioners Corner


Unofficial outline of the November 1, 2016 Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Meeting. See official Commissioner Meeting Minutes for full meeting details.

Road & Bridge

R & B Superintendent provided BOCC with a road update. Crews are preforming final road preparations and culvert work prior to winter. Improvements to the Pumphouse parking lot are underway per right of way permit with the Bureau of Land Management. The Crusher is at the Fraser Shop for winter maintenance. R & B has returned to their winter schedule, which began this week.

Departmental Contracts, Comments, Issues
Water Quality Specialist

Action - BOCC approved the chair to sign the Memorandum of Agreement for East Grand Quality Board in the amount of $5,000.00.

Action – BOCC approved the contract with Rozaklis and Associates, LLC to satisfy Grand County’s annual reporting obligations of the RICD decree in the amount of $2,700.00.

Community Development

Action – BOCC approved Resolution No. 2016-11-1 granting preliminary acceptance of Lot 32A, Cabins at Porcupine Ridge subdivision improvements.

Action – BOCC approved Resolution No. 2016-11-2 granting preliminary acceptance of the subdivision improvements for Robber’s Roost on Balsh Town Homes.

Clerk and Recorder

Clerk updated BOCC stating 3620 ballots have been received to date of the 10,050 originally sent. Wished to thank all employees, election judges, Information Systems Department, Grand County Maintenance Department, and the 8th grade math class of West Grand School District who provided election graphs. Currently, 63% of the election ballots returned have been returned to the drop boxes.

Social Services

Action – BOCC adjourned as the BOCC and convened as the Grand County of Social Services.

Action – BOCC approved Resolution No. 2016-10-34 as presented by County Attorney.

Action – BOCC adjourned as the Grand County Board of Social Services, and reconvened as the BOCC.

County Manager

County Manager provided a Compensation Committee update, noting 8 elected and appointed officials have committed to participating. First quarter 2017 meetings are scheduled. Human Resources will be drafting information later this week.

County Manager provided an update on Information Systems Director open position status. Interviews were preformed last week. Two candidates have been scheduled for second interviews, which will be conducted by the County Manager. More information to follow.

County Manager discussed the proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Zero-Based Budgeting. The Finance Director will conduct trainings first and second quarter of 2017. County Manager will meet with Elected Officials to discuss further.

County Manger updated BOCC on a meeting in Jackson County and associated Jackson County Social Services award.

County Attorney

Action – BOCC approved Resolution No. 2016-11-3, approving schedule changes to the November 7, 2016 BOCC Meeting. Note said meeting is on Monday and will begin at 2:00 p.m. The December 27, 2016 BOCC Meeting is cancelled.

BOCC discussed Employee Christmas and Holiday Party and adjusted the time on Thursday, December 15th to 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., with no building closure.

Action – BOCC approved the Consent Agenda.

Board Business / Correspondence / Calendar / Meetings Report

Action – BOCC approved a Colorado Conservation Trust Fund request by Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District not to exceed $3,500 for Fraser to Granby Trailhead kiosk improvements. BOCC approved to split the amount equally.

Wreaths Across America Event information was sent to County Employees for voluntary participation.

BOCC Calendar

Nov 2 Grand County Rural Health Network 6:30 p.m. – Mountain Parks Electric – Merrit
Nov 3 Climax Molybdenum Community Partnership Panel – 10 p.m. – BOCC – Jane, Merrit
Nov 3 Grand Foundation New Office Celebration Event – Murdock’s Complex 4:30 – Jane, Merrit
Nov 3 Grand County Tourism Board – BOCC Room 3 p.m. – Jane
Nov 3 Grand County Rural Health Network Sponsorship Celebration - 7 p.m. - Crooked Creek Saloon - Merrit
Nov 7 Ebola Public Health Exercise – 9 a.m. - CSU Extension Office – Jane, Kris, Merrit
Nov 7 BOCC Meeting - 2 p.m.
Nov 10 Big Lake Ditch Meeting – Kremmling CSU 11 a.m. - Jane
Nov 11 Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA Veteran’s Day Breakfast – 8 a.m. - Jane, Kris, Merrit
Nov 11 Granby – Grand County Airport / Emily Warner Field - Pilot’s Airport of the Year Award – Merrit
Nov 11 Fraser Veteran’s Day Event – 1 p.m. - Kris
Nov 11 Water Shed Meeting Fraser Historic Church - 6 p.m. - Jane

BOCC reported on previous meetings attended last week.

County Manager updated the BOCC on the Granby Town Manager interview process.

Department Head meeting last week was informative and helpful.

County Attorney

BOCC went into Executive Session for legal advice regarding a lawsuit; and an Executive Session regarding negotiation strategies and instructing negotiators.

Action – BOCC adjourned from Executive Session at 11:00 a.m.

Water Protection Update

A Water Protection Update was provided by the Grand County Water Quality Specialist and Lurline Underbrink Curran.

Rebuttal Hearings

Economic Development Director requested an increase in the Grand Enterprise Initiative; BOCC approved an increase in the line item budget to $45,000 up from $37,500 preliminary requested.

Executive Director of Grand Foundation briefly updated BOCC on the donor advised fund budget and requested no changes at this time, noting they anticipated receiving an additional request.

3rd Quarter Colorado River District Update

Grand County Representative to Colorado River District provided the BOCC a general update, including information on the River District’s Strategic Plan, as well as announcing the River District’s General Manager is retiring as early as December 2017. BOCC requested a copy of the draft strategic plan for comment, and requested the River District Representative be included in applicable CRCA discussions.

Northwest & Rural Resort for Colorado Workforce

Colorado Workforce Regional Director of 10 Northwest Colorado counties provided BOCC with an overview and history of Colorado Workforce, including its Federal funding and the Public Work Force Fund that provides training to job seekers. Also provide services to businesses, for skills trainings, employee screenings. Regional Director provided an update of job statistics for within the county, including number of jobs available outnumbering unemployed residents, average hourly pay, primary jobs by sector and limiting factors such as cost of housing, child care and transportation that prohibit filling needed jobs. Average hourly pay in the county is amongst higher half of counties in the state, but there is a proportional disconnect with Grand County’s high cost of housing, which impacts employees relocating to the county to fill jobs. Regional Director discussed need to develop apprenticeships that function as an industry driven talent pipeline within the community.

BOCC adjourned at 12:40 p.m.

Archived Commissioners Corner

BOCC provides live audio streaming of its’ weekly BOCC Meetings to the public, as well as  audio recordings of the BOCC Meetings that is linked to the discussion items for the public to review and listen to.