Retail Food Establishments

Grand County Public Health is pleased to announce the creation of a new position! Kathleen Taft (formerly Huse) is your Environmental Health Specialist, and is actively transitioning administration of licensing and retail food inspections for all establishments within Grand County. All state statute and regulations will still apply moving forward. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions regarding this transition!

2019 Season Temporary Event Permits

Earlier this year Grand County Public Health announced the intention to create a temporary event licensing program. We are currently in the process of building policies and procedures across all aspects of program management, including events. 

For the 2019 season, Grand County will have no formal permitting process for retail food booths at temporary events. Mobile food trucks still fall under statewide licensing requirements; see below.

We will be developing a program through field data collection, gathering stakeholder feedback, and holding public meetings to discuss potential fee structures. We hope to have a permitting process in place by 2020. Stay tuned for more details!

Opening, Remodeling, or Transferring Ownership of a Retail Food Establishment (Restaurant, Food Truck, Grocery, or Catering)

If you are interested in opening a new facility, remodeling an existing facility, or transferring ownership of a current facility, download the appropriate plan review forms:

There is a minimum 14 day processing time for all plan review applications. If you have any questions about which form to use, or how to fill them out, contact us. Please keep in mind for your timeline that there are several steps after application prior to licensing, which may include a pre-operational inspection as necessary. 

Scan and submit your paperwork to, OR by mail, along with a $100 application fee. This can be mailed, or paid over the phone. To pay by credit card or e-check over the phone, call our office during business hours at (970) 725 - 3288. There is a $1 processing fee for e-check, and a $0.75 + 2.25% processing fee for credit cards.  

Report a Concern with a Retail Food Establishment

To report a concern with a restaurant, grocery store, or other retail food establishment, use our online form found here. To report a concern anonymously use the link in the top right corner of this page. 

You may also email or call us at (970) 725-3792.