Grand Results Strategic Plan

"A professional way of doing business focused on our residents and guests"

Strategic Priority #1: Managing Growth

Grand County’s extraordinary quality of life, access to all of Colorado’s best outdoor experiences, the local cost of living, and easy access from the Front Range make it a certainty that our population and economy will grow over the next five years. This growth will challenge us if we do not prepare in the areas of transportation, housing and broadband. To ensure that the County, its businesses and residents are in a position to manage and take advantage of the expected growth, the County commits to the following:

Strategic Result #1: Transportation - County Roads

  • By 2020, 100% of targeted roadways are maintained at or above approved County road standards.
  • By 2023, 100% of paved County roads are maintained at or above approved County paved road standards.

Strategic Result #2: Transportation - Alternative Transportation

  • By 2020, Grand County residents and visitors will have an assessment for alternative transportation means to access the valley.

Strategic Result #3: Transportation: Congestion

  • Working in collaboration with partners, we will reduce congestion and travel time along Highway 40 consistent with population growth projections for the next 10 years.

Strategic Result #4: Affordable Housing

  • By December 31, 2018, informed by the Housing Needs Assessment currently underway, Grand County will work collaboratively with the municipalities to establish and meet goals to address affordable and attainable housing for our residents.

Strategic Result #5: Broadband

  • By 2022, Grand County will work collaboratively with partners to have access to acceptable internet service to 90% of our residents.

Strategic Priority #2: Infrastructure

The County’s aging infrastructure creates health and safety issues for County employees and the public, while the cost of replacement will continue to rise each year consistent with the global market for materials and the regional cost of labor. The County’s conservative approach to building these essential service delivery assets will be characterized by little or no increase in taxes, saving money in current and near term budget cycles, seeking a variety of funding sources, and closely managing construction costs. Further, these foundational facilities will be the core assets required to meet the demands for service from a growing population of residents, businesses and visitors for many years to come.

Strategic Result #1: Public Safety Facility

  • By 2023, Grand County residents will experience improved public safety through a new public safety facility, which includes a jail and meets all applicable standards.

Strategic Result #2: Customer Service Facilities

  • By 2025, Grand County residents will experience improved customer service through updated facilities for Road & Bridge and Emergency Management Services, based on an assessment to be completed not later than 2020.

Strategic Result #3: Human Services Facility

  • By 2023, Grand County residents shall be able to access multiple Health & Human Services and related services at a single consolidated facility.

Strategic Result #4: Waste Disposal/Recycling

  • By 2019, Grand County residents will understand the opportunities of the alternatives for environmental management of proper waste disposal/recycling through an assessment of cost effective alternatives.

Strategic Priority #3: Healthcare Accessibility

Access to health care is an essential aspect of a healthy, thriving and prosperous community. The County commits to being a leader, convener and partner in this important public policy issue.

Strategic Result #1: Healthcare Accessibility and Affordability

  • Working with our partners, Grand County will work to improve health care accessibility and affordability for our residents and guests.
    • By September 2018, Grand County will measure and publish an annual report on the Health Care costs and services available to our residents.
    • By September 2018, Grand County will identify and publicly report on the specific areas of Health Care that the Board of County Commissioners or County employees can effectively engage with the Colorado Insurance Commission, the Governor, the State Legislature and other elected officials.

Strategic Priority #4: Organizational Effectiveness

The lasting trust that exists between residents, businesses and their local government is an essential characteristic of a thriving community and healthy democracy. The County seeks to continue to build trust with the community in all things we do. Specifically, to ensure that we are being accountable to our community and delivering the results in the Strategic Plan, the County commits to the following:

Strategic Result #1: Roles and Responsibilities

  • By June 1, 2018, the roles and responsibilities of the County Commissioners, County Manager and County Attorney will be clearly articulated and understood throughout the organization.

Strategic Result #2: Performance Reports

  • By 2019, Grand County residents and County employees will receive performance reports on a regular basis showing the progress of the implementation of the County strategic plan.

Strategic Result #3: Budget

  • By 2021, 100% of Grand County’s department budgets will be tied to results for customers.

Strategic Result #4: Employee Performance

  • By 2021, 100% of Grand County’s employee performance plans and appraisals will be aligned to operational and strategic results.

Strategic Priority #5: Water Protection

Grand County is the county most profoundly affected by water diversions in Colorado, with as much as 80% of its native waters transferred out of the watershed. Access to clean, abundant water is a requirement for any healthy economy, but especially for Grand County, which requires water to sustain our many outdoor recreational opportunities including skiing, fishing, boating and hunting, as well as agriculture, industry, municipalities and unincorporated areas. Grand County takes an active role in the stewardship of this precious, finite resource both for current residents and visitors, and for the benefit of future generations.

Strategic Result #1: Negotiated Enhancements

  • Annually: Ensure all negotiated enhancements and requirements of the Colorado River Cooperative Agreement and Windy Gap Firming Project Inter-Governmental Agreement are implemented.
  • By September 2022, construct the Colorado River Headwaters Connectivity Channel to take Windy Gap Reservoir off-channel and restore habitat connectivity and fish populations to as near pre-reservoir construction levels as possible.

Strategic Result #2: Grand Lake Clarity

  • By January 1, 2022, with US Bureau of Reclamation, develop a plan to meet the applicable water clarity standard to restore Grand Lake’s scenic attraction as guaranteed under Senate Document 80.

Strategic Result #3: Water Rights

  • By January of 2020, apply for diligence on the water right associated with the Recreation Instream Channel Diversion.