How do I begin?
The $100 fee must be paid before you begin your hours. This is separate from the court fees that are listed on your sentence order. We accept checks, money orders, or cash. We do not accept credit or debit cards. You can mail a check or money order, payable to Grand County Sheriff's Office, to:
Grand County Sheriff Department
P.O. Box 48
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451

You may also pay in person at the Grand County Sheriffs Department, 670 Spring Street, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado 80451. When we receive payment, we will mail you a packet which includes your receipt, information letter, worksheets, resource guide, or website to assist you with finding agencies.

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1. How do I begin?
2. Who can I do hours for?
3. What if want to do my hours in another county?