Why do I need a Colorado Tax ID to register my property as a STR in Grand County?

If you are using your property to generate income in Grand County, as described above, you must have a current Colorado sales Tax ID (Form CR 0100), issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue.  The property owner or property manager shall be responsible for remitting County sales tax and lodging tax. 

Colorado Sales Tax Withholding Account Application

 October 1, 2019 a new House Bill (HB1240) went into effect assigning sales tax collection responsibilities to a marketplace facilitator.  This essentially means that online booking sites, such as AirBnb, VRBO and others, are now responsible for remitting sales tax on your behalf.  Please verify this with any site your are listing your property for rent.  To read more please visit the Colorado Department of Revenues website :  https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/tax/sales-tax-changes

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1. What is a Short Term Rental or STR?
2. Who is required to register their property with Grand County as a short term rental?
3. Why do I need a Colorado Tax ID to register my property as a STR in Grand County?
4. Why can’t I use a Federal Tax ID or Employee Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number instead of a State Tax ID?
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6. Why can’t I list myself as a local reference? After all, I am the owner of the property in Grand County.
7. I rent my property primarily for periods more than 30 days, and only occasionally for less than 30 days. Am I still required to register with the Grand County STR program?
8. I rent my property only occasionally and not as a business. Do I need to register with the Grand County STR program?
9. I have a business license already and pay taxes in Grand County. Doesn’t that make me exempt from the STR program?
10. My property is owned by a non-taxable, not-for-profit [or family trust, IRA etc.]. Doesn’t that make me exempt from the requirement to register?
11. Because I use Airbnb for my STR, I do not need to submit state taxes, as they remit these to the state on my behalf.
12. My property and STR is managed by a local management company which remits the permit fee, application, and taxes on my behalf?
13. How is my registration/permit fee used by the county?
14. Will the Short Term Rental Program be reviewed by the Commissioners on an annual basis?
15. Do I have to be registered if I'm not actively renting? I "blocked off" the dates on Airbnb / VRBO / HomeAway.
16. What if my property is in a long term lease currently?
17. What if my property is listed for sale, or pending sale?
18. How long is my permit valid?
19. I would like to read the Resolution, where do I go?
20. What changes did the Board of County Commissioners make in 2023?