Body Donation

Donor Alliance                                     303-360-6000

Rocky Mtn. Lions Eye Bank                720-848-3959

Univ of Colo State Anatomical           303-724-2410

Science Care                                         800-417-3747

Life Legacy                                            888-774-4438

MedCure                                               866-560-2525

Full Body Donation                              970-248-1219

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1. What is the next step?
2. Will the Coroner make arrangements with a mortuary?
3. Is it necessary for me to come to the Coroner's Office to identify the body?
4. Is viewing allowed?
5. Which deaths must be examined?
6. What is an autopsy and is it really necessary?
7. What if I disagree with the Coroner's Office's decision to do or not to do an autopsy?
8. Will an autopsy report be available?
9. How and when can personal possessions be claimed?
10. Where do I obtain the Death Certificate?
11. What about tissue/ organ donation?
12. Body Donation
13. Will I be charged for other Coroner services?
14. I need to enter my relative’s or friend’s residence, but it is sealed, what can I do?
15. Important numbers
16. Mortuaries
17. Cleaning services