Which watches and warnings are currently toned or alarmed?

Generally, only those watches and warnings associated with an immediate or short-fused event are toned and alarmed. That means that Winter Storm watches and warnings are NOT alarmed, except for Blizzard warnings and for those Winter Storm warnings when the lead time is very short. Normally, Winter Storm warnings are issued many hours before the precipitation begins, as opposed to Tornado or Flash Flood warnings, where the lead time may only be minutes.

The following products are broadcast with the 1050 Hz alarm and the SAME tones:

Blizzard Warning – BZW

Child Abduction Emergency - CAE

Civil Emergency Message – CEM

Coastal Flood Warning - CFW

Coastal Flood Watch - CFA

Flash Flood Warning - FFW

Flash Flood Watch - FFA

High Wind Warning - HWW

Hurricane Warning - HUW

Hurricane Watch - HUA

River Flood Warning - FLW

Routine Weekly Test – RWT

Special Marine Warning - SMW

Severe Weather Statement - SVS

Severe Thunderstorm Warning - SVR

Severe Thunderstorm Watch – SVA

Tropical Storm Warning - TRW

Tropical Storm Watch - TRA

Tornado Warning - TOR

Tornado Watch - TOA

Tsunami Warning - TSW

Tsunami Watch - TSA

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