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Septic Permit Application

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  3. By County Amendment, lofts are considered bedrooms whether there is a closet or not. Other rooms designated as "dens", etc. will be considered bedrooms if there is a closet in them. Septic systems are sized by the number of bedrooms, not bathrooms.

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  5. Automatic Clothes Washer

  6. Garbage Disposal

  7. Basement Plumbing

  8. Application for an individual sewage disposal system permit is hereby submitted together with all required plans, specifications, test results, supplementary information and processing fee of $170.00. The individual sewage system will be constructed and installed in accordance with regulations pertaining to individual sewage disposal systems within Grand County. (Grand County Board of Health Resolution Number 1978-6-1 or the most recent amend version.)

  9. I (the owner) certify that the information contained in this application form is true to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge receipt of an information sheet and additional supplementary materials with this application form and certify that I have read and understand all information contained within such materials. I do hereby agree to comply with all regulations pertaining to individual sewage disposal systems as set forth in Grand County Board of Health resolution Number 1978-6-1 or the most recent amended version and all Colorado Laws pertaining to sewage treatment and/or disposal.

  10. Grand County Building Department

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