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Public Opinion Survey and Comment Form

  1. On March 20, 2018, the Grand County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Grand Results Strategic Plan. Out of 14 different results, the Board identified the Public Safety Facility as the most critical need. Grand County’s current Public Safety Facility was built in 1983. It houses the Sheriff’s Office, 911 Communications Center and the Detention Center.

    The Grand County Board of County Commissioners seeks and values your opinion regarding the Public Safety Facility Needs Assessment, which involves concerns with space requirements as well as the safety and security for employees and citizens of Grand County.
  2. In thinking about your overall opinion of Grand County, what grade would you give the county? (Please check only one)
  3. How much have you read or heard about Grand County's Strategic Plan or the Public Safety Facility Needs Assessment? (Please check only one)
  4. The County’s Public Safety Facility is operating well beyond capacity and poses many barriers in providing adequate services to the citizens of Grand County.
  5. Replacing the Public Safety Facility would improve the safety of the employees and the citizens of Grand County.
  6. Grand County is growing, largely due to tourism.
  7. More than half of the sales tax revenues come from visitors making purchases in Grand County.
  8. Tourism would decrease if Grand County raises sales tax and it would hurt our local businesses.
  9. Any new sales tax should go toward another project and not a new Public Safety Facility.
  10. I would support the County's efforts for a ballot initiative to raise funds for this purpose.
  11. I would like to be notified of any updates regarding...
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