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1. What is a Short Term Rental or STR?
2. Who is required to register their property with Grand County as a short term rental?
3. Why do I need a Colorado Tax ID to register my property as a STR in Grand County?
4. Why can’t I use a Federal Tax ID or Employee Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number instead of a State Tax ID?
5. If I pay with a credit card, is there an additional fee?
6. Why can’t I list myself as a local reference? After all, I am the owner of the property in Grand County.
7. I rent my property primarily for periods more than 30 days, and only occasionally for less than 30 days. Am I still required to register with the Grand County STR program?
8. I rent my property only occasionally and not as a business. Do I need to register with the Grand County STR program?
9. I have a business license already and pay taxes in Grand County. Doesn’t that make me exempt from the STR program?
10. My property is owned by a non-taxable, not-for-profit [or family trust, IRA etc.]. Doesn’t that make me exempt from the requirement to register?
11. Because I use Airbnb for my STR, I do not need to submit state taxes, as they remit these to the state on my behalf.
12. My property and STR is managed by a local management company which remits the permit fee, application, and taxes on my behalf?
13. How is my registration/permit fee used by the county?
14. Will the Short Term Rental Program be reviewed by the Commissioners on an annual basis?
15. Do I have to be registered if I'm not actively renting? I "blocked off" the dates on Airbnb / VRBO / HomeAway.
16. What if my property is in a long term lease currently?
17. What if my property is listed for sale, or pending sale?
18. How long is my permit valid?
19. I would like to read the Resolution, where do I go?
20. What changes did the Board of County Commissioners make in 2023?